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Ahren-Fire Fireplaces
Masonry Fireplace Restoration System
Fireplace Facts

Many fireplaces do not function properly due to improper design. Mostv existing masonry fireplaces do not meet current code requirements and some are simply unusable. Some historic fireplaces can not be relined, without down- sizing the existing flue. Since downsizing would not meet code requirements and would diminish the necessary draft, these fireplaces could not be restored without an Ahren-Fire fireplace.

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State of the Art Design
Improves fireplace safety and performance
At A Glance
  • Improves fireplace performance
Radiates more heat
Eliminates smokey fireplaces
Requires half the flue area of a                     conventional fireplace

  • Improves fireplace safety
UL listed
UL Listed - zero clearance to                                         combustibles
Brings fireplaces up to code

  • Durable and Attractive
Strong reinforced cast refractory material
Realistic brick pattern
Does not change the existing fireplace face
Eight Ahren-Fire models available